Milk Cooler Tanks machine

Milk is very nutritious and its production, transportation, storage and processing are very important and complex. When milking, the temperature is 37 centigrade, and if the temperature reduces to 4 degrees in a maximum of two hours, it can be kept from 48 to 72 hours, and the amount of contamination will be greatly reduced.

Using 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of milk cooling equipment, the skills and knowledge of its experts, as well as the use of lazer welding technology, Fara Sard Karan Company has been able to bring the quality of its production in accordance with ISO5708 Standard and succeed in obtaining a Factory Standard from The Standard Organization of Iran.

The best materials and equipment are used in making the products of this company. The removal of the copper tube system and its replacement with the pillow plate heat exchangers and the use of freon for the first time in Iran have made these products have a much higher quality compared to the similar products. Currently, this company is the only Iranian company that equipped with the milk cooler tank test room . Using the test room, it is possible for our experts to analyze the production stages of this device.

The capacity of these devices is from 250 to 3000 liters.

Our engineering and sales departments are ready to answer questions regarding the design and manufacturing of this device with different capacities.

Advantages Milk Cooler Tanks machine

equipped with a digital thermostat and an agitator

 removal of copper tube system and use of pillow plate heat exchanger

manufacturing of vertical and horizontal tanks

full washability

manufacturing of different capacities from 250 to 3000 liters in accordance with the International Standards

use of polyurethane insulation ( injection foam )

Usage Milk Cooler Tanks machine

traditional ranchers

traditional producers

ice cream shops and milk collection centers