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Farasardkaran Company (private joint stock) was established in 2010 with the aim of producing raw milk cooling and storage equipment as well as mini chillers used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and was registered with registration number 2564 in the Tehran Companies Registration Office and was successful with the support of years of experience. and the expertise of its founders and personnel, Drandek Zaman will become one of the most reliable brands in the milk industry. Currently, a wide range of livestock farmers, supermarkets and sellers and producers of ice cream and traditional dairy products across the country are consumers of this company’s products. In order to improve the quality of manufactured products and improve the quality management system, this company succeeded in obtaining the ISO9001:2008 certificate from Q.A.L, England. Our research and development unit of supercoolers (R&D) started working in 2013 by recruiting efficient engineers and experienced consultants and using advanced and modern facilities such as related software and a test room with the ability to graphically record the electrical and refrigeration parameters of the milk cooler. The result of this unit’s activity is the invention of a milk cooking machine to replace traditional yogurt bottles, an ice cream preparation machine for the first time in Iran, as well as the design and construction of cylindrical milk coolers in accordance with the international standard (ISO 5708) and obtaining a factory standard certificate from the organization. It has been the national standard of Iran.

Today, Farasardkaran is a knowledge-based company in the production of standard milk coolers in Iran. In terms of the use of laser welding technology and pillow plate plates, in the milk cooler evaporator, instead of copper pipes and solder; And replacing the egg comb plates, in the middle wall of the tanks of the milk cooking machine, Farsardkaran’s products are of the highest quality in production.


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