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Milk Cooling Machine

Milk is a complete food and in our opinion, it has a delicate nature like a flower, so its production, storage, transportation and processing is a very sensitive and complex process. The temperature of milk at the time of milking is +37 degrees and if its temperature drops to +4 degrees within a maximum of 2 hours, its shelf life will be increased between 48 and 72 hours and its microbial load will be as minimal as possible. Using a milk cooler is the most common method. It is for cooling and storing raw milk. With the support of 30 years of production experience in the milk cooling industry, Farasardkaran company has been able to improve the quality of its production devices in accordance with the standard (ISO5708) by relying on the power of powerful engineering and the knowledge of experts, the skills of its own technicians, the use of laser welding technology, and the use of technical facilities for testing and testing equipment. And in 1994, it succeeded in obtaining the factory standard of Iran.

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