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Ice bank device

Ice Bank is an energy storage system that is also called Industrial Ice Bank in Iran. Ice banks produce ice with the help of their refrigeration system and then provide this ice to the system during peak energy consumption times to help cool the environment. This product also makes the refrigeration system work better than before and with less energy loss. We would like to give a brief explanation about the ice bank without plate cooler, its price and how to buy it.

Ice bank machine without cooler plate

The ice bank device is an empty tank that is filled with water to start working, and insulation layers cover the ice bank tank. In the hours before peak energy consumption, Ice Bank produces ice and provides this ice to the system during the day for cooling.

In fact, this work causes less energy to be wasted in the cooling process of devices. This work is also economical in factories; Because electricity and energy costs are reduced in this way. This product may be marketed with a cooler plate or without a cooler plate. The cooler plate or heat exchanger is a thin and wavy plate that helps the cooling process of the device and acts like an enzyme.

The price of ice bank machine without cooler plate

Ice banks are made up of different components. These components include

Ice coil or tubular operator
Water source

All these things can affect the price of the ice bank device without a cooler plate. In addition, ice banks have three pre-made types, coil bank and silo bank (modular), which logically, the price of ice banks originates from the type of ice bank that we want to buy. To know the exact price of the ice bank without plate cooler and help in choosing the right ice bank for your desired process, you can contact the product sales support on the site.

Buying an ice bank machine without a cooler plate

Among the advantages of ice banks, we can mention the maximum increase in the cooling power of our devices, limiting the peak electricity consumption, or using low night electricity tariffs, which has caused more factories and industries to buy ice bank devices without plate coolers.

To buy this product, you can go to stores in the city that design and produce this product, or visit the sellers of these products in person, or buy an ice bank device without a cooler through online stores. Make sure that when buying from these online stores, you should pay attention to the validity of the site and the approval of their performance.

As we mentioned earlier, ice banks have many advantages, including reducing energy loss, helping the performance of the condenser, reducing the need for maintenance of the device and more reliability, which have made it very popular in the industry.

You can contact the support number available on the site to find out about the performance and how to produce and work or buy the Ice Bank device without a cooler plate, and get answers to your questions about this product easily.

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