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Ice bank machine with plate cooler

Ice bank device

Ice bank or industrial ice bank is an energy storage system. Ice banks produce ice with the help of a refrigeration system and then cool the environment during peak energy times. This product also makes the cooling system perform its work better than before and with less energy loss. Now, we want to provide a brief but sufficient and useful explanation regarding the ice bank with plate cooler, the price and how to buy them, so that your guide for a useful and efficient purchase.

Ice bank machine with plate cooler

The ice bank device is actually a tank filled with water. The tank is surrounded by layers of insulation. In the hours before the energy peak, Ice Bank produces ice and during the day this ice cools the device. In fact, this work causes less energy to be wasted in the cooling process of devices. This work is also economical in industries; Because it reduces the cost of electricity and energy. This product can be marketed with a cooler plate or heat exchanger or without a cooler plate, which is a thin and wavy plate that helps in the cooling process of the device.

The price of ice bank machine with plate cooler

The device we talked about is made up of different components. These components include compressor, condenser, ice coil or tube operator and water source. All these things can affect the price of ice bank with plate cooler. Also, ICE Bank has three types of prefabricated, coil bank and silo bank (modular). Definitely, the prices of different types of these banks are different from each other. To know the exact price of ice bank with plate cooler, you can contact the product sales representatives on the site.

Buying an ice bank machine with a plate cooler

There are many industries that want to buy an ice bank device with a plate cooler in order to maximize the cooling power of their devices, limit peak electricity consumption, or use low night electricity tariffs. To buy this product, you can go to the stores that design and produce this product, or visit the sellers of these products in person.

Another way to buy an ice bank device with a plate cooler is to buy from online stores. When buying from these online stores, you should pay attention to the validity of the site and the approval of their performance; Because nowadays, many people engage in abuse and fraud through online stores.

As we mentioned earlier, ice banks reduce energy loss, help condenser performance, reduce the need to maintain the device, and in general, with the presence of ice banks, the device becomes more reliable. You can contact the support number available on the site to find out about the performance and how to produce and work or buy the ice bank device with plate cooler and get the answer to your question about this product easily.

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