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Iron base square milk cooler

Iron base square milk cooler

Milk coolers are used to keep milk and other dairy products cool in livestock farms or where dairy products are supplied and stored. Milk coolers are also used as cooling buttermilk. Today, this product is widely used in ice cream making and livestock farms.

The square milk cooler with an iron base is one of the types of milk coolers that have a square tank. In this article, we will explain the type of these milk coolers, how they work, the price and how to buy this product.

What is a square milk cooler with an iron base?

Square milk coolers are types of milk coolers whose tank is designed in a square shape. These square milk coolers are also called cubic. The type of electricity consumed by this product is 220V single-phase electricity, and its motor type can be of different types. The number of these square tanks can be one or two depending on the customer’s order.

The tanks are made of non-magnetic 304 stainless steel and the bases are made of iron. The steel tank is surrounded by cooling pipes, and then the insulating layer is placed on these pipes. The tank body of milk coolers has rock wool insulation, which is usually in two layers.

The price of a square milk cooler with an iron base

The price of a milk cooler depends on its type. The type of steel used, the type, the shape of the tank (cylindrical or cubic) and its number (single tank or double tank), the type and material of the base (iron or steel) all affect the price of the square milk cooler with an iron base. Another influential factor is the size of the square milk cooler with an iron base; The larger the capacity of the milk cooler, the higher its price will be.

To find out the price of a square milk cooler with an iron base, you can visit milk cooler shopping centers, or find this type of milk cooler in reputable online stores, or contact the websites’ phone support.

Buying a square milk cooler with an iron base

Today, with the advancements that we see in the virtual space and the increase in work concerns, the general public has become interested in buying the products they need online. Fortunately, in connection with the purchase of a square milk cooler with an iron base, there are also reliable seller sites that you can refer to to buy a square milk cooler with an iron base. Of course, due to the increase of sites that engage in abuse, you need to first make sure that the site you are looking for is valid and then make a purchase from the site. Another solution that exists is to go to reputable urban stores that sell and buy iron base square milk coolers.

But the best way to make an easy and safe purchase is to use Farasardkaran’s website, which can provide you with the best results.

As we have mentioned, what is important in buying a square milk cooler with an iron base is complete and accurate knowledge of the type of cooling system, the type of engine, its capacity, the type and number of tanks, and the material of its body and bases.

For example, the motor of a square milk cooler with an iron base can be Danfoss, Caltron or Tekamse, which usually must be selected and prepared according to the customer’s opinion. The type of outlet valve of the device, the brand of its cooling fan, and the type of welding of the body are all characteristics that should be considered before buying the device.

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