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Milk cooking machine for raw milk

Milk cooking machine for raw milk

Milk cooking device is a tool designed for heating raw milk and disinfecting it. This device does its work without damaging the main tissue of the milk. When raw milk is milked in farms, it contains large amounts of non-beneficial microbes. Raw milk must first be heated to its boiling point. At the boiling point of milk, harmful bacteria are destroyed and we can prepare other milk products from it. In the following, we would like to explain about the raw milk cooking machine.

How the milk cooking machine works for raw milk

Patil milk cooking machine is the same device that is used to cook raw milk in industrial and semi-industrial milk product production centers, dairy factories, dairy product supply stores, livestock farms, etc. The old pans for cooking raw milk directly transferred heat to the raw milk, which caused a part of the raw milk to evaporate. In addition, we saw milk fat sticking to the walls of the bottle.

The sides and bottom of the old bottles always absorbed some of the fat from the raw milk. A lot of milk fat was separated by direct heat and stuck to the walls of the bottle; But new heating devices work indirectly; These devices are also equipped with a stirrer that prevents the milk from settling.

Price of milk cooking machine for raw milk

Today, there are many people who buy modern raw milk milk cookers. The reason for the popularity of these bottles is that they are more economical than old bottles, because the milk fat is preserved in it and does not stick to the walls. The amount of milk evaporation is also much lower in modern bottles.

Modern bottles consume less electricity and energy. In this way, the waste of a large amount of milk fat is avoided, and it also greatly reduces your costs compared to your older bottles. These bottles are also very simple and do not require additional labor and the cost of hiring staff.

Buying a milk cooking machine for raw milk

As we mentioned, the advantages of buying a milk cooking machine for raw milk compared to its disadvantages, which are usually few, have attracted many industrial centers and livestock farms. These modern industrial bottles prevent the loss of milk volume due to evaporation. In this way, they use the fat in it for other products.

Due to indirect heat, the milk cooking machine for raw milk creates less heat in the environment and provides a higher level of milk hygiene. To buy a milk cooking machine, you can visit the manufacturer of the machine or reliable online stores that sell milk bottles.

The body of the bottles is double-walled. The first wall is for insulation and the second wall is for heating the valve inside the tank. Various methods are used to heat the cooking pan, such as a steam boiler, water heater, etc. It is necessary to know that the heating system is separate from the milk cooking device and must be prepared separately.

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